Seymone brown- "whats sweeter than honey"

The Creator

 I want you guys to get the real me. Okay,  since I was younger I always wanted to start my own business. I never had the plan or idea to  work for someone else- that just isn’t my thing.

 I got my first job when I was 15 and it didn’t dawn on me until I was 18 that time is ticking and I need to act now if I want to build my own business (brand) it seemed like fear kept me stagnant, but I would continue to do my own eyebrows, makeup, etc- consistently to perfect my craft. It was when  I turned 21, I finally said "let’s get out there let’s do it" I would no longer let fear stand in the way of my success and here we are "Dripped in Honey" 🍯

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